EvenQuads Deck 2: Notable Women in Math Playing Cards

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EvenQuads Deck 2: Notable Women in Math Playing Cards for the 50th anniversary of the AWM!

These cards are a way to bring to the forefront many of the untold achievements of women in mathematics through the ages. One side of each card features a profile of a woman mathematician who has made significant contributions to the field of mathematics.  The profile side of the card can also be used to play EvenBetter, EvenBetter Solitaire, EvenBetter Trivia, and Double Quads. The symbols of EvenQuads were inspired by the logos of four major mathematical organizations, namely AWMMAANAM and WME. The symbol sides can be used to play 10 different games, with one game combining Decks 1 and 2! 

This is Deck 2 of 4.   Find out more about the 64 Mathematicians of EvenQuads Deck 2.  When complete, there will be 4 different decks in the series, highlighting a total of 256 women. This game is not only a celebration of women in mathematics but of an entire community that works to support and encourage them.

The deck comes in a custom tuck box with an insert containing rules and background information. 

See our AWM Playing Cards page for more information about the history and rules of the game!

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